Assume the Position

Saturday, October 19, 2002
Tonight at the Coliseum, Augustus and Caligula provide play-by-play coverage and analysis of the latest Lefty Loon vs. Loony Left debate. Another spectacular fisking by Emperor Misha I.

Wish fulfillment and obstructionism are two of the major strains behind the 'internationalist' position on Iraq.

Bigwig at Silflay Hraka tackled former NATO Commander Wesley Clark's wishful thinking that strong international support and a large coalition is needed because unilateral US action against Iraq would "supercharge recruiting for al-Qaida."

I can hear Zawahiri now, explaining to his aides that there's no point in a recruiting drive this year, as the addition of Belgium and Luxembourg to the coalition invading Iraq has convinced the average Arab that the Ummah needs to take a pass on this one.
And Charles Krauthammer has a response to French obstructionism, "It is time to call their bluff. Introduce the U.S.-British resolution. Let the French contemplate vetoing it."

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