Assume the Position

Saturday, December 21, 2002
Simplisme. So, the unilateralist French with their war crimes exemption are now at war in the Ivory Coast according to the BBC.
Although the French peacekeepers will argue otherwise, Saturday's battle against the Ivorian rebels has marked a change in their role in the war-torn Ivory Coast.

They have become involved in this war.
Are the Fench involved in a UN Security Council authorized peacekeeping mission? No.

Is there international outrage over this French unilateralism? No.

In fact, today the UN Security Council expressed just the opposite (emphasis added):

The Council also voiced its full support for the deployment of a regional force to Côte d'Ivoire by the end of this year. Pending that, the Council commended the efforts of France to prevent further fighting, and voiced appreciation for the country's contribution to a political solution to the crisis.
Apparently, one must engage in maximal simplisme to conclude there is some double-standard at work.

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