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Saturday, April 09, 2005
Jury Recommends Death for Mickel

It took half an hour on Tuesday for the jury to find Andrew Hampton Mickel (aka Andy McCrae) guilty of murdering Officer David Mobilio, it took them an hour on Friday to decide to recommend the death penalty: "'He didn't give any pity to Mobilio, and we didn't give him any,' said jury foreman Chantelle Estess."

UPDATE - April 28, 2005: Judge S. William Abel of the Colousa County Court went with the jury recommendation and sentenced Mickel to death. He should be transferred to California's death row in San Quentin prison sometime in the next 10 days. According to the Red Bluff Daily News' report, "There is an automatic appeal to the state Supreme Court in all death penalty cases, but [Deputy District Attorney Lynn] Strom said she doesn't think an attorney will even be appointed for the appeal for five to six years."

Thursday, April 07, 2005
Mickel: Cop-Killing 'Out of Patriotism'

Convicted Tuesday for the ambush murder of Red Bluff, California, Police Officer David Mobilio, Andrew Hampton Mickel (aka Andy McCrae) began presenting the jury with his rationale during the opening day of the trial's penalty phase on Wednesday.

Convicted cop killer Andrew Mickel told a jury in the penalty phase of his trial Wednesday that he killed Red Bluff Police Officer David Mobilio out of "patriotism" and said the action was necessary and justified.

"Our liberties are under attack by the government and officer Mobilio was engaged in those attacks," said Mickel, who could face the death penalty.

Although Mickel alluded to the Second Amendment, he did not specify what liberties law enforcement and government were infringing upon.

He noted that people have a right to resist the government and paralleled Mobilio's shooting with the "shot heard around the world" in the American Revolution.

Mickel said he would not beg for his life during the penalty phase, nor would he have his family beg for him. He added, "I don't have a death wish. I don't want the death penalty and I don't want life without parole."

Instead he said he would use this portion of the case to argue what he wanted to argue before.

"The evidence I will present you will show you I did this out of patriotism," he said. He is representing himself in the trial.

During this phase of the trial, Mickel will probably attempt to read the jury his two manifestos ("Proud and Insolent Youth Incorporated" and "The Declaration of a Renewed American Independence") or otherwise expound on his seemingly semi-left-libertarian anarcho-syndicalist ideology (anti-corporate minarchism or just a disgruntled leftist with a gun?).

UPDATE - April 8, 2005: Yep.

Monday, April 04, 2005
Proud and Insolent Cop-Killer

The Washington Post does an article on cop-killer Andrew Mickel (aka McCrae), who is representing himself at trial for the cold-blooded murder of Red Bluff, California, Police Officer David Mobilio on November 19, 2002. I covered much of the same ground over a year ago in my take on Mickel's actions.

For those who want to keep up with the ongoing trial, I recommend the Red Bluff Daily News or the Chico Enterprise Record.

UPDATE - April 5, 2004: Guilty.

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